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          網 址:www.spzs988.com


          常州賽歐力通電子科技有限公司,是從一個國際商貿及高科技產品開發、研制、生產、銷售、經營一體化獨資企業。多年來,充分利用駐境外先進國家分機構優勢,了解吸收先進科技發展動態,采集研究先進科技發展,專業從事節能環保、供暖行業產品研制開發,本公司除經營國際貿易外,電子水處理器及高精度自控反沖洗過濾裝置,是我公司主要研制開發的產品之一。從2001年始,我們根據國內不同水質要求,研制開發了數控型微電腦水處理器及自控多頻微電腦水處理器,并在北京熱力集團,天津津能集團,沈陽惠天熱電集團等大型供暖行業使用,實踐證明,該產品無論從技術含量、效能、安全及節能環保方面都得到了預期效果,及用戶的認可,并取得了國家多項發明專利及ISO9001-2008國際質量管理體系認證。專利號:ZL201430192605.6 通過多年來的努力追求,我們懂得了企業要發展,科技才是硬道理。過硬的產品質量才是生存的希望,誠信務實,才是生存與發展的宗旨。我們相信,在不遠的將來,通過不懈的努力“賽歐力通”品牌一定會有更過的客戶來關注、支持、共同為國家提出的節能環保國策做出貢獻。

          Changzhou Saioulitong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Engaged in an international business and high-tech product development, development, production, sales, business integration of the sole proprietorship enterprise. Over the years, make full use of in foreign advanced countries institutional advantages, understand the uptake of advanced science and technology development, acquisition of advanced technology development, specializing in energy saving and environmental protection, heating industry product research and development, the company in addition to the business of international trade, electronic water processor and high precision automatic backwashing filter device is I mainly develop the development of one of the products. From 2001 began, we according to the different water quality requirements developed digital microcomputer water processor and controlled multi frequency by microcomputer water processor, and in Beijing heat group, Tianjin group, Shenyang Huitianredian group and other large heating industry. Practice has proved that the products, whether from the technical content, efficiency, safety and energy saving and environmental protection have been the desired effect, and the user's recognition, and achieved a number of national invention patent and ISO9001-2008 international quality management system certification. Patent number: ZL201430192605.6Through years of hard work, we understand that the enterprise to develop, science and technology is the hard truth. Excellent product quality is the survival of the hope, integrity and pragmatic, is the purpose of survival and development. We believe that in the near future, through unremitting efforts "match Liwei" brand will have more customers pay attention to, to support, to work together for the country's proposed energy-saving environmental protection policy to contribute.

          常州賽歐力通電子科技有限公司 服務專線:0519-86893006 沈陽市賽歐微電腦水處理器經銷中心 服務專線:024-88361799 蘇ICP備13053619號
          網 址:www.spzs988.com   專利號:ZL201430192605.6